Physioinfo is a site dedicated to promoting physiotherapy in South Africa by enabling potential patients to find a physiotherapist in a convenient location, being close to home or close to work.

Physioinfo also enables patients with specific needs to find a physiotherapist with the necessary skills and area of interest to best treat them and continue their rehabilitation.

Physioinfo provides information to patients and physiotherapists with the objective to inform and educate. There are interesting advances in the field of physiotherapy and physioinfo intends to post some of these advances on the site monthly.

Physioinfo is in proud association with Andrew Jansen Van Rensburg BSc (Physiotherapy). Physioinfo is the first of a few professional sites that will be started up in 2007, with the aim of the promotion of health professions and professionals.

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Latest Article

Running Gait - Joint Biomechanics
14 Jun 2021
Running Gait Joint Biomnechanics A Breakdown of important points: Beginning of stance phase - hip is in about 50? flexion at...
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Welcome to our latest registrant!

René Jordaan Physiotherapy
Date registered: 13 May 2022
Specialising in: Home visits
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Recent Classifieds

Employment: Sessional Locum needed
26 May 2022
Locum position available for the month of July only ,at Avril Elizebeth Home in Primrose ,Johannesburg. The locum is to work 4 day...
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25 May 2022
Permanent position available for an enthusiastic out-patient physiotherapist with a special interest in neuromusculoskeletal disor...
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Employment: Seeking Full Time employment in Cape Town
25 May 2022
Graduated from UWC in 2008, experience in ICU, Surgical (spinal surgery for 3 yrs) worked with WCA cases for more than 5 years. Cu...
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Employment: Physiotherapy Vacancy - Johannesburg
24 May 2022
A vacancy exists for a full time physiotherapist in Johannesburg from July. Mixed model work with home and facility case loads. Al...
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